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Did you see Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, George Burns and Jack Benny, among others, at the January luncheon? If not, you missed the tribute to noted actor and impressionist FRANK GORSHIN, who had just returned from a successful run on Broadway in a one-man show as George Burns in Say Goodnight, Gracie. President GIL STRATTON introduced the dais, and Entertainment Chair JEANNE DeVIVIER BROWN read messages from FRANK’s friends who couldn’t attend: PETER MARSHALL, who is headlining the Follies in Palm Springs; LEE MERIWETHER, who is on tour; Bob Eubanks, who is in Las Vegas; former Board member BILL DANA, from Nashville; Phyllis Diller and Buck Henry. On hand to talk of their association with GORSHIN as a co-worker and friend were: Paul Picerni, who worked with FRANK on “The Untouchables” with Robert Stack; Jimmy Van Patten, who was on the road for ten months with his father, Dick, and FRANK; Julie Newmar, from “Li’l Abner”; “Batman” ADAM WEST; our in-house humorist HAL KANTER; collector of classic TV shows EDIE ADAMS and writer and actor CHUCK McCANN, who met GORSHIN during auditions for “The Steve Allen Show.” Film clips from GORSHIN’s long career on Broadway, in films, on television and in Las Vegas (edited by PAT GLEASON) were shown before President GIL STRATTON presented FRANK with the PPB Clock. GORSHIN graciously accepted, thanking his friends and PPB.


ART GILMORE, PPB Founding President and Chairman of the Board, did a teaser in introducing the Diamond Circle recipient, saying: “We are honoring a man whose accomplishments leave very little time for fun and games! He was busy! We all come into this world with hope and certain gifts. But listen to the man’s biography. Born in Utahgrew up in Long Beachgraduated from high school just as World War II started. He enlisted in the Army Air Forceflew 30 missions over Germany as a B17 bombardierwas awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and five other medals. He stayed in the Reserve which gave him time to attend the Pasadena Playhouse School of Theaterlater Westlake School of Music and then UCLA. All this and we haven’t told you who this busy man is! He worked in radio and TV production for the Mutual network, but got the writing bug and wrote for “Family Theater,” “Count of Monte Cristo,” “Suspense” and others. When TV came along he wrote “Ford Theater,” “Bonanza,” “Men in Space” and, with his significant other, they wrote for Walt Disney’s “Zorro” series. I had better say right here that he married this significant other and they have been married for over 50 years. He continued to write on many subjectsnuclear physics, radar, psychology, lasersyou name ithe did it. And, of course, with his wife, who, by the way, is known as “the cowboy of the typewriter” for her work in Western filmsthey worked together on the novels he wrote, and in the music field he composed songs in Country, Gospel and Big Band albums. I was curious, like you, when he had time for anything but work, but then you’ll remember, I mentioned his marriage to Francheskathey were producerstwo children and four grandchildren! There goes the spare time! The person I’ve been talking about is ROBERT HECKER.”


Nostalgia Night co-Chairs RAY BRIEM and LINA ROMAY announced that the January 22nd guest, who was scheduled too late to make the last Newsletter, was radio veteran Bill Moran. Moran hosts “Bill Moran’s Spotlight” on Sundays from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. on K-Surf, 1260/540. Moran talked about his fast-paced show featuring entertainment news. Moran started as a talk radio host in the 1970s on KABC. He was also on KIIS AM and FM in the ’70s. Bill told of the many actors and musicians he had interviewed, Emmy winners, Golden Globe, Tony winners, Academy Award winners and Grammy winners. Clips of some of his shows were heard. Hope you didn’t miss it. LINA ROMAY, who has been recuperating from a fractured arch that kept her from a luncheon and a Board meeting, but did not keep her from working on Nostalgia Night guests, joined RAY BRIEM to announce that PPB President GIL STRATTON will be the Nostalgia Night guest March 25. That’s one not to miss, for GIL’s career spans Broadway, films, sportscasting and much, much more. He is often a guest on cruises recounting his experiences. That’s Nostalgia Night with GIL STRATTON, March 25 at the PPB Clubroom on the lower level of Washington Mutual, Sunset and Vine. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and close promptly at 7:30 p.m.


Former PPB President TOM HATTEN is reprising his role in Annie, April 2 through 18 at the La Mirada Performing Arts Theater. HATTEN did the role on Broadway and then toured all over the West Coast with the company for a year and a half, flying back to Los Angeles each week to do his radio show. The Performing Arts Center is owned by skating champion Kathy Rigby. For ticket information and time, call (562) 944-9801.


PPB Board member AUSTIN "Rocky" KALISH was awarded Outstanding Director-Comedy, for the Desert Rose Theatre's production of Neil Simon's Plaza Suite at the 2003 Desert Stars Awards held in Palm Springs, December 7.


HERE AND THERE—Nancy and ED WILLIAMS cruised east in 2003, the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg and the Eastern Caribbean, after which ED cruised home to a theatrical acting job under his new commercial agency.PPBer MARY DORR busy with the Excellence in Media's 27th Silver and Gold Angel Awards. MARY was interviewed recently on Fox Radio, WOR, Manhattan on two different programs about the Angel Awards scholarships and other activities. MARY, accompanied by EIM production staff members, attended eight plays, several of which have been nominated for Gold Angels.


Overture, Professional Musicians Local #47 magazine, ran a story about DON BEAMSLEY being honored with the PPB Diamond Circle Award. They ran Vice President CHUCK CECIL's entire presentation. The article also included a picture of BEAMSLEY receiving the award from CECIL with Mrs. Jackie Beamsley and Van Ramsey standing by.


WINNIE TREIMER spent December travelling, which is not unusual for WINNIE. This time it was a cruise from December 8 to 28 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida through the Panama Canal and back to Los Angeles on the Crystal Serenity. WINNIE had three Crystal cruises in 2003. PPB Publicity Director CHUCK PANAMA and his wife, Gerry, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, March 7, with a champagne brunch at their home surrounded by their three children, seven grandchildren and "a bunch of people we've gotten to know through the years." Congratulations. Las Vegas member SUSIE LAMOND sends picture of herself in front of her snow-covered house in Las Vegas.She also sent an advertisement for Arpège which reminded her of the days that Arpège was given on RALPH EDWARDS' "It Could Be You" program hosted by Bill Leyden. The slogan was, "Promise her anything, but give her Arpège."


V.P. MARTY HALPERIN was recently contacted by NOMA Films regarding a documentary they are doing on NORMAN CORWIN, with emphasis on CORWIN's classic production of On a Note of Triumph—when Germany surrendered during World War II in May of 1945. NOMA wanted to film an important segment of the documentary with NORMAN in the PPB Clubroom "Control Room" which they felt was a perfect match for a radio control room of that time period. The documentary is planned for a later date release on HBO. MARTY said: "Mission accomplished." MARTY also reports that WALKER EDMISTON has donated a wealth of old radio still pictures showing many personalities and programs from radio's golden era. They are a valuable addition to the PPB Archives. Many thanks, WALKER.


JUNE FORAY has been busy. That's news?.She recently recorded two on-line Looney Tunes segments as "Granny" and recorded her "Witch Hazel" voice for Duck Dodgers. On February 1, JUNE narrated and voiced all characters in Peter and the Wolf for the seventh time with the West Coast Symphony in Santa Barbara at the Lobero Theatre. PPBer JOHN COUCH spent the President's Day holidays in Napa Valley.

SUE CLARK CHADWICK missed the February Board meeting because she was attending a luncheon celebrating the 100th birthday of Phil Davis. Davis started as head writer for RALPH EDWARDS', Chairman Emeritus, "Truth or Consequences" radio show in 1940. He and his wife, Ida, and son David Davis (later a producer) came cross country by train with RALPH and Barbara Edwards and their children, Gary and Christine, when the show moved from New York to Hollywood in 1946. Phil remained with the show until RALPH ceased hosting it. Davis later worked on "The Ann Sothern Show" and the ill-fated "My Mother the Car."


The California Artists Radio Theatre, directed by PPBer PEGGY WEBBER, presented a Valentine's program at the Beverly Garland Theatre, February 14, called A Stroll with Poets II. Former president JOHN HARLAN announced, and stars included Samantha Eggar, William Windom, Linda Henning and more. PPB Secretaty BARBARA FULLER reports she did an entirely different character, for her, in the re-creation of Damon Runyon's Madame La Gimp at the SPERDVAC convention; BOBB LYNES and Barbara Watson were also in the cast. FULLER was pleased to get a video of the program. Our overworked Membership Chairman and Assistant Treasurer, MARGOT EWING, fell recently and fractured her right shoulder and broke her nose. We are hoping for a speedy recovery, as she does so many PPB jobs that are not acclaimed, but are necessary and time consuming.




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March 29, 2004